Why is pre-planning important?

"Procrastination makes easy things hard and hard things harder."

Preplanning does not simply mean checking boxes. It is a way to personalize your service for your family and create a meaningful celebration of life. A well-planned service will return a smile to people’s faces and provide sweet memories for your loved ones to cherish when you are gone.

Understandably, many people find it hard to introduce this subject with family, as it is not easy to think about death. KeyConnect facilitates the burial preplanning process for you, guiding you through those tough questions that will undoubtedly arise for your family members after you pass. This preplanning consultation is completely free, so there is no downside to start planning today.

Benefits of Pre-planning:

  • You'll reduce stress for your family. When someone close to us passes away, grief often makes even the simplest tasks difficult. Because funerals tend to be planned immediately following a death, this often means that family members must dive immediately into planning 
  • Prevent family conflict. If you pass away unexpectedly and you haven’t outlined your funeral wishes, your family will be left to guess what you would have wanted. If two family members disagree, that can lead to a lot of unnecessary tension in the funeral planning process. 
  • Ensure your wishes are met. Many people have ideas about what they would like done surrounding their death. Whether you feel that a burial is important for religious reasons or you’d prefer a lively celebration of your life over a somber affair, planning your funeral in advance will help ensure that the things you find most important will happen. 
  • Prepare financially. Funerals are expensive, even for the savviest of shoppers with simple plans. A basic cremation with a small service will still generally cost thousands of dollars. By preparing for your funeral in advance, you’ll be able to determine exactly how much everything will cost and make a plan for how to pay for it.

Preplanning DOES NOT mean you are going to die soon or that you are giving up on life. It means you are taking steps to care for the people you love after you are gone. The reality is that no one knows when their time will come, which means you are never too young to start planning.


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